Saturday, December 18, 2010

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7 Days Til Christmas

We have been in Georgia and a LOT has happened. It is crazy how fast time flies when you are staying busy.
    I got a second job in October at Sears Portrait Studio and I really enjoy being able to do photography there. It keeps me busy and I have been learning lots. Along with the studio I have also been working at Walmart. Between the two Ive been clocking 45-55 hours a week... CRAZY busy!             
     Richard has been doing 13 hours of school a week and 15 hours at Walmart. He just finished his finals and we should know how he did pretty soon. Keeping our fingers crossed, but Im sure he did well. He has next quater set up and will be taking 20 credit hours a week and then still working at Walmart.
    We bought a new car in November- a Nissan Sentra which died 3 weeks later (on Black Friday) and is still dead in the parking lot. The Lord is testing my patience I guess... and seems to think I can handle these trials. Not sure what made him think that though, just wish He would have less faith in my abilities...
    And then there is Zoey, she is getting SO big. She is fully potty trained now, she is so smart, only took like a monthish. Richard has been teaching her tricks and she is starting to catch on. She has Richard wrapped around her little paw, it is so cute! He takes such good care of her, love to bath and brush her hair. She is a spoiled little dog and has been helping us not get baby hungry.
   So thats what we have been up to....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Fluffy Addition.... Zoey!!!

On October 8th, the Mulder family got a fluffy addition to their family... We got a 9 week old, purebred Bichon Frise. To everyone asking, "What is that?" Pretty much she is a purebred, white, fluff ball! She is such a cutie! We named her Zoey and she definitely keeps us busy. After almost two weeks she is doing pretty well with potty training and has Richard wrapped around her little paw:) She is a fun little thing and is nice company for me when Richard is at school. She is a keeper! Ill post pictures of her soon...

27 Days in Georgia

Thought I would update everyone on how we are doing... We have been in Georgia for 27 days now and are still trying to adjust to life here. Our jobs haven't been working out as planned, but at least we still have them, I guess. Richard has been staying VERY busy with school and lots of homework. He has been doing 14 credit hours and Walmart wants him working 32 hours... needless to say, we will see how long this will last. I am still working at the Walmart and applying for nanny jobs any chance I can. Keeping our fingers crossed that one will come through. That's a little bit of whats been going on with us:)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Why the Mulders Moved to Georgia

We are the Mulder Family and since we recently decided to move to Georgia, away from everyone we know, we thought this might be a fun way to keep everyone up to date on how we are doing.

But first, lets rewind and go back to October... We had kind of hit rock bottom, money was tight and we just weren't sure what would be best for our little family. It seems that when we hit rock bottom, we listen better to what the Lord tells us, at least we did. We prayed very hard and started to feel like we were supposed to focus on Richards schooling. As time when on, we learned that Georgia was home to one of the best and biggest chiropractic colleges in the country (Life University). We weren't really sure how we would ever afford to move so far away, but the Lord had a plan. We watched as one by one, things came together. Richard got a raise, I got a second job, we sold our second car and we were able to save the money needed. It has been amazing for us to watch as the Lord has really stepped in and helped us. We decided to sell all of our stuff and come out here in our "Scruffy" (my 1990 Isuzu Trooper). We made it here in three days and well... here we are!