Tuesday, March 22, 2011


April is almost here! Here has the time gone? The last few months have been pretty busy for our "mini family".
   In January, Richard decided to take a break from school and sign up for classes at Chattahochee. We discoverd that if we did, we would save ourselves 3000-4000.00 dollars (for the same classes), needless to say, we did. It has been a bit up and down, as we have begun to find the "Hidden Fees" and "Extra Costs" of going into Chiropractic and school. We have been trying to decide if it will really be worth it and as of now, are thinking that it might not be. Still looking into options and trying to decide.
  Oh a lighter note, Mark and Ashley decided to surprise me and drive out for my birthday! I can not even begin to describe how very excited to see them. This is the longest I have gone without seeing my brother and I was thrilled to have them stay with us for almost a week. Ashley and I spent our time scrapbooking and sewing, while Mark and Richard played computer games. We went to Savannah and enjoyed the beach.... We took pictures and all around had a great time.
  Then two weeks later Joey and Katie also decided to come out and see me! (March has been a GREAT month) They were here for five days... we played games, went to down town Atlanta, Steak n Shake at 2am and we again went to Savannah to enjoy the beach. We had a blast!
    This month was also a little busy, with me getting a second job. I started working at JGumbos (resturant) about two weeks ago and am enjoying it so far. It is keeping me busy along with Walmart.
   This next month should be interesting as Richard starts school up again and as we try and plan a trip to go back home to visit:) I am SO very excited to see my family and friends! Lets just hope April goes by quick! I cant wait for May!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

~2010~ A Year To Remember

  2010 was a busy year for the Mulder Family. We celebrated our first anniversay on Feb. 28th of 2010 and then flew out to visit the Life University in March. We went home, prayed and prayed and soon discovered that we were supposed to move. We sold the car in May and started selling our stuff off, one by one. In June Alicia started working at Walmart and in July we flew out to California and spent Richards birthday, visiting Richards dad. In August we went on a huge campout with the Myers family. In September we got to finish selling everything and got to see Richards mom, when she flew out for his brothers baby blessing. On Sept. 23, we got in the car and drove 36 hours to our next adventure. We started working at Walmart in Marietta and then in October Alicia started working at Sears Portrait Studio. We also bought a car and then had it die three weeks later. We got our "Baby" Zoey in October as well. November we celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a mini family. And then December brought a month of crazy. And finally our first Christmas on our own.
   This last year has brought many challenges, but a few joys as well. Ive learned that sometimes things dont always work out the way I planned, but that doesnt mean I did the wrong thing. Ive learned that Im stronger than I think and I can handle more than I ever thought I could. I have been tried and tested, but I have also been very blessed. I have grown closer to my husband through the trials we have faced and I have come to realize that I am nothing without him. My relationship with my family has grown, with my family I have always had, as well as my "new" family. I have been able to see new places and make new friends.
  I am not sure what this next year will bring.... but I look forward to the adventure ahead.
                                             Happy New Year!